To practice Aikido for the first time you do not need much.

The beginning Aikidoka is ready for his first lessons with only a pair of slippers (to walk to the mat - on the mat we train with bare feet) and loose clothing

(eg sweatpants and a T-shirt).

Once the Aikidoka has made the decision to continue with Aikido, a Keiko Gi (Aikido judo suit) must be purchased.

In addition to the suit, an set of training weapons must also be purchased. (This can be ordered through the club.)

From the 4th Kyu the Aikidoka is allowed to wear a Hakama.
A Hakama is a traditional Samurai skirt that is worn over the Keiko Gi.
The Hakama has seven pleats that symbolize the seven virtues of the Samurai. 
   Jin (humanity, benevolence),
   Gi (justice, righteousness),
   Rei (courtesy, civility),
   Chi (wisdom and intelligence),
   Shin (sincerity)
   Chu (loyalty),
   Koh (piety).
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