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Aikido has various styles.

One of those styles is the TENDORYU.

Tendoryu freely translated means: "The school of the heavenly way".


Tendoryu Aikido can be recognized by its smooth, strong and large movements.

Depending on the technique performed (waza), this can end in a clamp or throw.


KENJI SHIMIZU Sensei (8e dan)

Kenshi Shimizu has shaped the style, set the style characteristics.

He was the last Ushi Deshi (resident apprentice) of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba and has experienced the last years of the master's life.


After years of practicing judo, he started Aikido in 1963.


During the lessons and demonstrations he was often uke of Morihei Ueshiba.

Since 1975 he runs the Tendokan Aikido school in Tokyo.

KENTA SHIMIZU, Waka Sensei (Tendokan Dojocho)

Kenta Shimizu was born in 1983 and has been involved with Aikido since his childhood.

At the age of 2 he wore a Budogi for the first time.


He graduated from the private Wako secondary school and then studied at the Wako University. In the course of Human Relationships he studied modern Sociology.

For his graduation project, he researched the theme "Budo und education" new options for Aikido.


Since 2006 Kenta has accompanied his father, Kenji Shimizu, worldwide.


Every year both visit Europe, in particular Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and more recently also the U.S. and Russia to give internships there.


Kenta Shimizu has been providing internships worldwide for several years now as the official successor of Tendoryu-Aikido.


These internships are an essential part of the learning process and are therefore also accessible and accessible for beginning Aikido practitioners.

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