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The Tendoryu Aikido has been organized in the Netherlands within Aikido Nederland (AN) association since June 2009. Within this association, Tendoryu Aikido forms its own section.

All clubs in the Netherlands that practice Tendoryu Aikido can become members of Aikido Nederland.

The practitioner himself can also become a member of this association.





To represent the interests of Tendoryu Aikido for this specific form of Aikido, the foundation Tendoryu Aikido Nederland was founded in 1995.

The purpose is: "Practicing, spreading and teaching Aikido, especially Tendoryu Aikido."

The foundation tries to achieve the stated goal by:

- setting up courses,

- giving lessons

- maintaining and exchanging contacts

- financing activities that may lead to the deepening of Aikido


In the Netherlands there are 3 Aikido clubs that teach and practice Tendoryu Aikido.

You can find these in:

  • The Hague,

  • Rijswijk and

  • Roermond.


The Foundation also represents the interests of the four Belgian Tendoryu associations within its objectives.

In Belgium, Tendoryu Aikido is teached abd practiced in:

  • Genk,

  • Bilzen,

  • Diest and

  • Plombières.

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Logo Tendoryu Aikido Nederland
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