Jannie started with Aikido at Tendoryu Aikido Roermond.
In 2016 he decided to establish Tendoryu Aikido ZuidWest in Rijswijk.

In addition to taking care of Aikido training, Jannie also trains regularly and visits various Aikido internships both national an international.

Jannie was personally graduated by Shimizu Sensei to Sandan (3rd dan) 
He also received the title of "Qualified Instructor Tendoryu Aikido".
 (The granting of this license means that the teacher in question is allowed to teach in the "Tendoryu Aikido" style according to the rules and guidelines of the Tendokan in Tokyo.)
In addition Jannie is a Government graduate  Aikido teacher from “Aikido Nederland”.
This license is supervised, and meets the guidelines of the NOC * NSF
Jannie has been working professionally for years as a trainer - teacher in the security industry.
Thanks to his professional (international) experiences and training courses, the lessons given by Jannie are professionally designed both on didactic and pedagogical level.
Kenji Shimizu Sensei
Waka Sensei Kenta Shimizu Dojocho
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