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Swords, sticks and knives are the weapons used at Aikido.
This may sound strange, a defense martial art that learns to use weapons.
Nevertheless, the use of weapons is very important.
Proper handling of the weapons gives the Aikidoka a better understanding of the techniques used at Aikido.
The use of weapons in an attack for an Aikidoka is also an extra dimension. The Aikidoka sharpens his senses and reflexes in a way that is almost impossible without weapons.
Success comes with a lot of practice and patience.
This is why repetitive practice of the basic forms is accepted as a general practice.
We practice with the Jo (stick), the Boken (wooden sword) and the Tanto (wooden dagger).
The basic forms for the Jo consist of about twenty movements that are individually practiced. These are called the 20 Jo Suburi.
Also with the Boken there are individual exercises, 7 pieces. This is called Ken Suburi.
In addition to individual exercises, there are also partner exercises.
With Jo there are 10 exercises and they are called Kumi Jo.
Kumi Tachi are the partner exercises with Boken, 5 in total.
Of course there are also the fixed series of movements, the Kata's.
These are available for both Jo (13 and 31 parts katas) and Boken (8 directions stroke).
the transport of your weapons must be packed. Weapons transported 'ready for use' is a crime.
For example, transport your weapons in a case.
If your weapons are transported loose, they will be classified in accordance with the Dutch law: "Wet Wapens & Munitie, categorie 4, lid 7"
Wapens Tendoryu Aikido ZuidWest
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