Tendoryu Aikido ZuidWest is constantly looking for great versatility.

And this does not only relate to the way of training.


Versatility in terms of age, philosophy of life, views, origin and lifestyle.

Yes, even contradictions will not be a hindrance for the members.

Women training with men, young train with old, highly graduateds trainns with beginners.


It is this versatility, which is cherished by every (future) Aikidoka to carry out the Ai in Aikido, the harmony.


The objective for members is to give a warm heart to everyone who attends the training sessions. Everyone is welcome to join and decide in peace whether this is the martial art that suits him or her best.

Aikido is a traditional martial art and, as usual in Budo, surrounded by strict etiquette.


It is often strange for non-Japanese people.

These etiquette are necessary in Budo to make everyone aware (and keeping aware) of the activity they are working on.


There must be trained with sufficient respect for each other.

Beginning of the Lesson

Before entering the hall one greats to the Kamiza (honor wall) by a slight bend.

By saying goodbye one indicates that one participates in the lesson in a serious and conscious way.


Then the Tatami (judo mats) is built by all the students.

Before the lesson begins the Aikidoka places his zori with the heel side against the Tatami,  places his Jo, Boken and Tanto on the edge of the Tatami.

Then everyone is sitting in complete silence next to each other, opposite the Kamiza in Seiza (on the knees). The back is straight, the shoulders are relaxed and "feeling in your center".


At the beginning of the lesson you will be greeted with:  One Gai Shimas(u).

This is a very polite request to receive a lesson.


During the lesson it is not allowed to eat and / or drink.

If the tatami has to be left early, the trainer must first be given permission. At the end of the lesson you will be greeted with: Domo Arigato Gosai Mash(i)ta.

This is a very polite 'thank you'.


Then the Tatami is stored again.